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Moga, the Artist's Stretch

Moga, the Artist's Stretch workshop is normally practiced in a room together, but during life in the time of covid we are following the #socialdistancing rules and adjusting virtually.

Though we may not be able to meet in person, Moga can be done following any variation of the routines, available for free, via my YouTube channel: MDFerrera.

You can also read my self-published book, The Art of Moga, to learn about how and why it was created along with healthy tips, tricks, and recipes (click on the link below).

The Artists' Stretch is a workshop that embodies basic tools to help balance mental health and physical wellness, covering three different forms of therapeutic outlets: internal dialogue, movement/meditation, and journaling/self-portraiture. 

1. Moga is a choreographed routine that combines; yoga, pilates, wushu kung fu positions, ninjitsu meditation poses, and field hockey stretches. Feel free to follow along any variation on my youtube channel. 

2. Following the stretch, light refreshments (such as: bananas, trail mix, water with lemon) help to nourish the body without filling it too much, before sitting down to create. Fueling your body after movement helps to organize your thoughts and emotions. Whether you prefer silence or ambient music, allow yourself to talk aloud, releasing your thoughts. 

3. Lastly, we utilize journaling to "let go" focusing on the importance of seeing your own voice (handwriting). Start with a free-writing exercise, literally writing down each "in the moment" thoughts and words. Let it all out. The importance is in releasing it. After you feel like you've written enough and using whatever materials are available to you, we create self-portraits. 

My goal is to help create a safe and warm environment for honest internal dialogue; physical relief through meditative practices; and a way to push through that first blank piece of paper. 

Please feel free to send me a message, email me directly: or follow my insta: @mdferrera


the birth of moga...

I’m just your average mom. wife. artist. friend. But there are also so many more layers, the individual parts that make me, me. Ani DiFranco said it best, "I am 32 flavors and then some." And some of these parts aren’t always pretty. Accepting all of it remains to be my invisible and continuous battle with mental health. But there can be balance amid the chaos. There are tools around every corner. Breadcrumbs have been dropping in bits and pieces for the better part of my life from the people and experiences I’ve received, whether positive or negative. These gifts of outlets have saved me, shaped me, and provided me the necessary comfort to experiment with a variety of vulnerable art forms. Moga was one of them. Born after yet another heavy passing hurricane of anxiety/depression/and panic attacks, and needing to desperately unwind the knots and lift the weight, movement was necessary. Dance turned into familiar stretches, the muscle memory of days passed, breathing and meditating through each position, all in one flow. Shaking the last bits out, reminded me of the wasteland my gut had become. The following clean meals slowly nourished all that had been depleted. And then that first blank page wasn’t so intimidating. Since that moment, I may not have had perfect direction, career path or know-how and those damn layers of scars would remain lurking over my shoulder, but this time I was driven by my own vulnerability, eager to share the gifts I felt saved me from giving up. My hope is to share the creative outlets that shine a light on the invisible and provide a place to start.

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