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I have been creating art in one way or another since childhood. I picked up my love of wood and all things art and music, spending so much time with my (late) Artist father, Richard Ferrera. Drawing became an outlet after his passing that developed while earning my Fine Art Degree at Montclair State University (NJ). During and after college I strived to work in various creative fields, all providing the education, experience, and tools needed to take my art to the next step.  In 2010 I drove across the country to start creating art full time.     


The San Diego Art Community as a whole has been such a big part of my career's growth and support. Early exhibitions with spaces and groups like RAW Natural Born Artists, Thumbprint Gallery, and Sparks Gallery helped open the door to crucial opportunities. The exposure of my figurative series received multiple drawing awards over the years, expanding my reach to work on a wide range of projects and alongside different communities around the SD county. 


Upon my families move to Imperial Beach (2018), I began painting murals though the local Arts Bureau (IBAB), and shortly after (2021) I joined as a volunteer Artist and board member. Since 2022 we've joined with the local elementary schools to bring more opportunities and resources to young students while also collaborating with environmental groups to educate the importance of Art & Activism.

When I'm not working in my garage studio, you can find me around the community concocting another project or on another nature filled adventure with my lil family!


Whether through my fine art or community engagement, I will continue to advocate for arts education, resources and creative outlets. Follow me on instagram for works in progress, exhibits, and events @mdferrera


Behind the Art

"It's not just about creativity. It's about the person you're becoming while you're creating." Charlie Peacock


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