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In the Studio

It's here, in my garage studio, I learn the most; finding balance and mental clarity through an ever-growing process. When a series starts, days are spent making use of daylight to cut and sand, building cradle frames for larger panel pieces, and drawing into the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes I'm mixing paint, packing and preparing for a custom mural. My headphones and music are always a part of it all. Mostly its where I get to experiment and play, dance and work, read and be silent. It is my happy place, where I'm free to bare it all, create to the music that moves me, utilizing the tools and education my artist father showed me as a child, inhaling the sweet smell of fresh-cut wood, feeling like I'm exactly where I need/want to be. #garagestudio #myhappyplace #latenightartsession #theartistlife

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