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Inspired by the bright murals my father painted around our elementary school and home, it brings me so much fulfillment to carry on his legacy. Having painted murals throughout college, and early in my career, I'm overjoyed to continue painting original and custom wall murals in my own backyard of Imperial Beach, neighboring towns, and beyond! Contact me today to discuss an outdoor/indoor mural. 

As President of the Imperial Beach Arts Bureau (IBAB), we not only provide resources, events, and platforms for South Bay Artists to exhibit, we also promote, support, assist and facilitate murals within the city. 


Contact myself or IBAB to learn how we can assist schools and programs with student-centric opportunities!  

New Mural in the heart of
Little Italy, SD!

Hired by Stella Artois (Anhauser Busch), facilitated by Artwalksd and Little Italy, SD, this temporary mural will only be around for a few months! Be sure to visit during Artwalk April 27th & 28th, 2024! 

More Murals...

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