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"Thank you for being you: A letter to my daughter"

Published in 2021, author Ambar Gingerelli @mamabirdwellnest asked me to illustrate this beautifully written book that began as a poem for her daughter! I’m truly humbled and honored to have collaborated on a project connecting us mothers, with daughters the same age, working on opposite coasts (her based in NJ, myself in SoCal). Created during the height of the pandemic, with input and ideas from my own daughter, this book serves as a reminder of the magic that can be found in the everyday moments with our children and recognizing just how much they teach us!!

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Issue 4, Winter 2021-22


Issue 2, September 2021


Issue 16, July 2021


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Writing was my first art form. As a child I'd create my own books, write novel cards (still do), and fill journal upon journal of book ideas. I have always been fascinated and motivated by creative nonfiction writers such as Dan Eldon, Sabrina Ward Harrison, and the journals of Frida Kahlo. I have always been comforted by the mothy smell of the pages of an old book and excited folding back the pages of a new one. I hope there will always be a love of real books. I believe in sharing our own truths, we find humility and connection within the world around us. 


Since 2011 I have self-published six creative non-fiction books and a new one in the works.

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