January 8th - February 27th, 2021

at The Studio Door

It’s nothing new for my art to be music-inspired, but this self-portrait series felt a bit different, driven by an almost manic need to create and very much unplanned until hearing the song, “Vultures” by Asking Alexandria. Though always a fan of rock/metal, it was a departure from the ambient music I had always used for inspiration in the past.  It struck a chord and I found myself immersed in Sirius Radio's Octane #biguns list (2018-2020), Turbo, and Lithium stations, awakened yet comforted by each bands’ riff, beat, epic melodies, and screams. The lyrics being equally if not more important than the finished product, shone a validating light on my fragile mental health, pushing writings and sketches from the past few years' experiences beyond my journals and onto wood panels. Handwritten on burnt journal paper, verses of each song will be included with its art piece of the same name. Just Breathe is my thank you to the musicians who held my hand through various invisible mental health challenges, motherhood, helping me to find my voice again. 

With the way of the world since the pandemic hit, I feel compelled to share my vulnerabilities in hopes to start a dialogue about the struggles that do unite us. Through my art, the music that has inspired it, and making journals easily accessible, my goal in exhibiting this installation of sorts is to encourage healthy introspection utilizing creative outlets. Mini blank journals will be complimentary for visiting patrons to take during my solo exhibition (Jan. 8th - Feb. 27th, 2021) and will continue to be included with any purchases. 

Just Breathe is also in the works as my next (seventh) self-published book, aimed for 2021. 

Contact Patric Stilman with interest: forallweknow@thestudiodoor.com or (619) 255-2867 

Due to Covid-19, expect social gathering guidelines to change for necessary precaution. Stay informed through The Studio Door website: The Studio Door


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