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"It’s nothing new for my art to be music-inspired, but this self-portrait series felt a bit different, driven by an almost manic need to create and very much unplanned until hearing the song, “Vultures” by Asking Alexandria. Though always a fan of rock/metal, it was a departure from the ambient music I had always used for inspiration in the past.  It struck a chord and I found myself immersed in Sirius Radio's Octane #biguns list (2019-2021), Turbo, and Lithium stations. The lyrics are just as important as the finished product. Just Breathe is my thank you to the musicians who held my hand during such a tumultuous time" 

During the creation of this series, Lubin received the Business of Art Scholarship, 2020 (awarded and mentored by The Studio Door, San Diego Visual Arts Network, Mission Fed ArtWalk) including a solo exhibition and booth space at Little Italy's infamous Artwalk (April 2021). 

Just Breathe was installed in January 2021 at The Studio Door in Hillcrest. During the month-long exhibition, blank journals were complimentary to visitors. and the artist hosted a Virtual Talk discussing process, techniques, stories behind the art, and the benefits of creating. 

By the end of 2021, multiple works from this series have been published and featured in print, virtual galleries, collectives, and podcasts. 

Just Breathe is currently in the works to be turned into the artists' 7th self-publication. 

Just Breathe at The Studio Door
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from the "Just Breathe" solo exhibition 

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