It’s nothing new for my art to be music-inspired, but this self-portrait series felt a bit different, driven by an almost manic need to create and very much unplanned until hearing the song, “Vultures”. Though always a fan of rock/metal, it was a departure from the ambient music I had always used for inspiration in the past.  It struck a chord and I found myself immersed in Sirius Radio's Octane #biguns list (2018-2020), Turbo, and Lithium stations, awakened yet comforted by each bands’ riff, beat, lyric, melody and screams; validating light on my fragile mental health, pulling at strings attached to parts I didn’t know I had. Though still in progress, these powerful songs make up the spine of just breathe and the self-published book scheduled for release, late 2020.  

#whenwordsfailmusicspeaks #journalingoutloud #mentalhealthawareness

*all works in this series are currently available for

representation and sale*


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