Michelle D. Ferrera 

San Diego, CA   (973) 519-3083



There's lots of excitement, as the new works come together so are new connections and exhibitions with new galleries & Artists! I had been following this Artist's work for quite some time and loved her new gallery/studio space so I decided to just go for it and send her an inquiry...a meeting later with some artwork to show and my lil assistant in tow, I'm honored to show my art alongside Irina Negulescu and co. at Erotica on March 11th! See Calendar Page for more information! 

(me, Ava, my piece: Pushing the Past Behind, and Irina Negulescu)




and startin it off with a bang as I prep 7 new pieces for my upcoming solo exhibition...

for more information:


As the year comes to a close, I was happy to create a piece special for a silent auction to help save a local business....remember, everyone has a battle of some sort that they are struggling through, be kind, lend a hand, help how you can, show love, give a hug, and 

hold on tight

(8x8, Pencil, Colored Pencil & Mixed Media on Wood)


Though we were on vacation, inspiration doesn't just shut down! The road trip along the Great Ocean road, through brilliant colored untouched land, rainforest-like brush, mural filled cities definitely made an impact! I created a small piece while on the road of a bright larakeet that was overly friendly and sat with me while I wrote in my journal. I found the wood at a local antique shop in Cann River and it was paid for by a sweet Australian woman. I didn't bring much but my journal so I wound up using my daughters giant crayons. Ah, the joys of creating with whatever you find! 

I also learned that my jack-of-all-trades Zia Micki, as she liked to put it, "dabbles with art". But not just any art, resin art, an art form that intimidates me for its chemicals and colors, especially since I'm used to working mostly with a pencil and wood. She saw my hesitation and hopped on it. I participated in one of her workshops and got to create my own resin piece! I had no idea what I was doing but absolutely loved experimenting and the freedom of it! With a new series in the works, I might just add hints of this new found fascination! 

(creating resin art in Wollongong, Australia)

(me and Zia Micki, Michele Santillo Greig)


I will be out of the country for most of November, roadtripping the coast of Australia, me, Sparkles and Ava, us three amigos, the journey the destination! That being said, I will be difficult to get in touch with so if interested in purchasing a piece of artwork that is associated with a gallery (representation will be noted with artwork details, when you click on the image), please contact them directly and they will assist you. If it's not, send an email ( and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can! If you want to see my art up close and personal, you can find it at: 

Adelman Fine Art, Little Italy, SD (adelmanfineart)

Sparks Gallery, Downtown, SD (sparksgallery)

In the Gift Shop of the Women's Museum of California (womensmuseumca)

just another thank you since we'll be celebrating Turkey Day down unda...i have much to be thankful and grateful for...your support on this crazy art adventure and patience as i navigate the balance of being a mom on top of it is so greatly appreciated! Can't wait to see what inspiration makes it way into my journals! 


I had such a blast at Adelman Fine Art on the 29th demonstrating my new series live outside the gallery, answering questions to passerbys and receving a warm welcome into the Little Italy Art community! Thank you for making me feel home, the positive feedback and conversations! Four hours flew by way too fast, hope to do more of these in the future! 


after a morning following my baby girl doing laps in the library (while we were supposed to be doing baby yoga), a very long nap followed giving me time to stretch myself and get motivated to wrap up editing for The Art of Moga, the next book in the The Art of series...hoping to have ready for sale before the end of the year! For now you can find my other self-published books available on:


I extremely honored and excited to announce that I now join fellow Artists and sister duo Nicole and Phylicia Adelman at Adelman Fine Art in Little Italy and will have a small collection of my Art on view/available for sale (online as well) during their upcoming Exhibition...

Reception, Saturday October 15th, 7-10 pm, RSVP Required:

Also note on Saturday October 29th from 1-5pm, I will be doing a live demonstration of my first piece of a new series, with smaller pieces, boxes and copies of my books available for sale during demonstration only!


After submitting a few months back to Artist Porfolio Magazine's Annual Portrait Issue, I was adjusting to the idea that, "well, people submit worldwide to this, it'll be a slim chance," when I stumbled upon my name under Honorable Mention!!! Can't wait till the issue comes out, till then check out the list of Winners and fellow Honorable Mention Artists! 



I'm extremely honored and excited to announce that 2 of my Art pieces (Pride & Joy, "he's still inside me"), Little One (wooden box) and both books, The Art of Life and The Art of the Dark are now available for sale in the Women's Museum of California Gift Shop! I had such a great talk with CeCe and look forward to getting more involved with future events!



I was playing around with recently completed works and love the way these two (Supergurl and these feet were made for walkin') complement one another. I can see them in a playroom or child's bedroom! Both are 16x20 and ready to hang. If interested please contact me about pricing. 


This has been a summer of body exhibits but PHYSIQUE (on exhibit now till Nov. 6th at Sparks Gallery, downtown SD) tops the cake, hanging 4 of my works, 3 from my flavors series and one of my recent pieces (pictured) on view for the first time since completion, longdaystirednights!!! I actually started this during Sparks Gallery's Live Demonstration back in January so just feels like home to show it here first! Check out the exhibit now and Contact Sonya Sparks for inquiries! For more exhibit/gallery info:

JULY 2016

I was thrilled to have been juried into Front Porch Gallery's Sixth Annual Exhibition that held its Opening Reception on July 17th! Just makes the nights of cramped hands, very little sleep, quality time with my lil one and life as a family of three, all the more rewarding! I'm happy to report, my juried in piece, Never Let Go, from the chronicles series, was sold during the Opening to a truly appreciative art lover, thank you Linda for giving my piece a loving home and big thank you to Julie and Steve at Front Porch for accepting and hosting my work! 



I also received confirmation that Sparks Gallery will have a booth at KAABOO MUSIC & ART FESTIVAL in September and will host 2 of my Art pieces in their space! I'll be sure to post more information as it gets closer but I'm just so excited to have my art a part of this awesome music festival, after all so much of my art is inspired by music! 

JUNE 2016

Within in a matter of two weeks, I worked hard to make 6 submission deadlines and happy (and slightly relieved) to hear back from the first...

reaching new heights, was accepted to be a part of Art on 30th's Go Figure Exhibition

Exhibition running from June 18th - July 23rd, 2016


an incredible amount of love and thanks to Artist, Mentor and friend, Karrie Ross (karrierossfineart) for including my story and Art in her latest book

Our Ever Changing World: Through the Eyes of Artists: Artists, ART & Story

(To Purchase Click here:

Upon moving to California, Karrie was one of the first Artists I fortunately met and she has not only believed in my Art from the get go (she has purchased one of my earlier pieces), she has also gotten me work as an illustrator for a book, and just an all around inspiration/mentor in teaching me the ropes as I began my career as an Artist. I'm honored to be a part of this incredible project! 

MAY 2016

I feel blessed to have such supportive friends who believe in me and my work. A realtor friend commissioned me to create a drawing on wood of a home for one of her first time buyers as a housewarming present. I truly enjoyed the process and hoping to collaborate more in the future! Contact me if interested in a custom piece of your home! 

(work in progress with image reference shown on the left, completed on the right)


...during the month of May, thanks to fellow Artist Daniel James (daniel.jaimes), my work hung at Sipz Vegetarian Fusion Cafe in North Park (3914 30th Street, 92104)! Make it a stop next time you're looking for good eats for the body and art for the soul, they feature new Artists every month!


on May 1st, I was one of the participating Artists with a booth set up alongside Artist Gloria Muriel while she painted live at Spark's Gallery's first ever Summer always with each fair, festival or bazaar I learn and add more to my booth set-up! 


...this month has been so much fun! I finished a few new small pieces, started a custom piece and still working on the dyptich, surprising myself in learning to balance motherhood and finding time to create, as well as manage the business end. Being a mommy is really teaching me so much about myself, patience, what and how much I can handle and that if I want it bad enough, I can achieve it! It also helps to have an insanely supportive partner! With that, though I know I often say how honored I am to be a part of shows, this one really tops the cake because of how close to home it really hits. Since March is Women's Celebration month, I was extremely excited to have, down to the wire (below), selected to be a part of THE POWER OF FEMININE ENGERGY at Centro Cultural de la Raza- located at 2004 Park Boulevard San Diego, CA 92101. I created this piece of myself at 6/7 months pregnant, literally drawing while 6/7 months pregnant, to me an achievement in itself! While its sealed unfinished, it's a reflection of that moment, how full of love I was feeling! Below is a photo from Opening Night of my family and I in front of my piece...


signed, sealed, framed, approved by lil miss and ready for a new home! Contact me if interested in Never Let Go (6x12, Pencil on Wood) Go to Chronicles Series Gallery to view full image!


a new year always makes me want to challenge myself and try new techniques, at heART COLLECTION (an ArtbyKami showcase), I unveiled, evil angel, inspired by one of my favorite bands, Breaking Benjamin and my first real stab at morphing...though I should admit I had a little help from lil miss Ava ;) Go to Music Within Gallery for the full image and contact me if interested!


...lots of exciting new shows, exhibits and events to start the New mark your calendars and join me!


on January 8th, I was one of 6 Artists asked to participate in a Live Artist Demonstration, showing and explaining our techniques, styles, happy to share what inspired us for the show, WANDERING IN THE DREAM FIELDheld from November to January

(I'm creating my first diptych, stay posted for the finish product!)


ON THE RADAR, an art showcase curated by, was an incredible line-up of Artists handpicked by Kamelia and held in North Park. Checkout the latest from my Chronicle series, hold on my heart

(a photo from Opening night of my piece and my muse, my best creation yet, my lil miss Ava)


for the 10x10 - SMALL WORKS SHOW hosted by Sparks Gallery, I created, into the wind, 10x10, Pencil & Mixed Media on Wood, Available for $200 through Sparks, Contact Sonya Sparks for more information


obrARCHITECTURE hosted an Arts Auction, November 13th, and proceeds went to Young Audiences of San Diego in support of an architecture residency program. All donated Art is from the Artists obr has hosted for month long solo shows this past year, including myself, it was truly an honor. 


these two months were full of fairs and festivals, the INAUGURAL ART RHYTHM & WINE FEST hosted by Cielo Village ( in Rancho Santa Fe, a craft fair at CALTRANS, LEARNIN' TOTS, that was to benefit the Early Learners Children's Academy and the SOUTH BAY PRIDE ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL where I shared a booth space with the South Bayfront Artist Association...


With little Ava growing (and sleeping) more, I'm so excited to get back into the swing of creating! 


AVA ROSE LUBIN surprised us with her early arrival (a month early) on July 13th at 5:45am! As I'm sure you can imagine, we spent the next few weeks making sure she was healthy and filling our hearts with memories and cameras/phones with photos!


PERSONA, A Sparks Gallery exhibition of portraits by San Diego artists: a selection of faces and figures, both real and fanciful was on view from July - August, 2015


It was so exciting to have a solo show at obrARCHITECTURE in North Park to debut my newest series..."Chronicles"

(with an amazing group of supporters, including musician Christopher Dale, whom I created a custom design on his guitar)


my first time (and only submission) to the Del Mar Fairgrounds Fine Art Show, Fragile Hope (below), made it through judging and was on view from June to July


Artists are always keeping busy, not only creating Art but building/curating shows and gathering all of us together! 

Sit Set: An Art Exhibition concerning tables and chairs, curated by Scott Gengelbach

Brokers Building Gallery (402 Market St. San Diego, CA 92101)

Climbin, pencil on foldout table


also this month you can find my work at the Tiny Gallery (South Bayfront at the Chula Vista Marina; and a few mixed media pieces at Shear Gratitude Salon in Pacific Beach  (


my second Sparks Gallery showcase

MAY 2 – JULY 3, 2015


I've rotated in new Art (on view and for sale) at Shear Gratitude Salon in PB so if you're looking to book your next haircut/style, be sure to contact Veronica Csiza and look up at the walls around you! 

1950 Balboa Ave. Pacific Beach


It's been a life changing few weeks embarking on this baby creating train...feelin him or her (we want to be surprised!) move around has been fascinating and changing the direction of my art! 

a little sneak peak into.... at first sight


This month I've also been working on my first guitar face for musician Christopher Dale (christopherdalemusic)! I love being able to collaborate and create being inspired from his song, "These hands".


I guess I haven't made the announcement official on my website, I'm adding a new role...MOMMY! I can already feel my Art evolving (again!) and with that my process as well. Having always drawn lying, crouching in crazy positions over my work, I now am challenged by all this newness...and loving it! I'm using my easels to do work, not just to display Art! And I'm finding creative alternatives for processes I have used as of late. For most of you that know me, I thrive off challenges and love when my subject matter and process evolve....I'm already buzzing with tons of ideas and possibly a solo show before my due date.....stay posted!

(me and my growing belly at easel, in the zone...)


The beginning of March has been busy, just in the first week my Art has been floating around San Diego!

Starting with a bang, one of my biggest pieces, caught in the wanderdust, was among the "One on One" Artists featured at Sparks Gallery's Grand Opening Show and SOLD to an overseas collector!

(my husband and I in front of, caught in the wanderdust, Opening Night!)


I also got to take part in a show curated by up and fast coming curator/Artist, ArtbyKami, "Rebirth" at Mike Hess Brewing Company in North Park, in which I created a new piece inspired by my new role, mommy to be! ( This Artist, Art Lover, Art Supporter, Show creator, is takin SD by storm, try and keep up!


In honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, my Art was among 101 of SD's finest Women Artists for, VENUS, an All Women Art Exhibition at La Bodega Gallery and Studios. 


Thanks to Artist and friend Sean Selfridge (selfridgephotography) and Veronica Csiza, owner at Shear Gratitude in Pacific Beach, Saturday February 28th, I joined forces with Artist Jessica Johnson ( as we filled the Salon for their 2nd Anniversary & Art Opening!

Be sure to stop by as I will be rotating Art!

Be sure to make your next Salon appointment with Veronica, I have my first appointment next week!


our 3rd year of, LAST CHANCE BEFORE ROMANCE, was a great success thanks to Dragon's Den for hosting again! 

Our roster of Artists was larger than ever and our Silent Auction had baskets with incredible gifts from local businesses including a basket of Art from all participating Artists! All proceeds went to Keep-A-Breast Foundation:

(Our "Romance" Artists, From L to R: ArtbyKami, Barbara Postelnek, Sean Selfridge, Cynthia Acosta, Me, Dragons Den Owner: Michael Lou, Nalely, Jorge PIna)


2014 was an incredible year, I couldn't be more proud and more excited to move forward with new ideas, challenges and artistic adventures in 2015, and as always I am forever grateful for your continued support and the opportunities bestowed upon me in the past and hopeful future! 


had a great time at Hairy & Merry Dog Hotel & Spa (2400 Kettner) in Little Italy promoting doggie themed art for the month of December...

Pug Daze, (8x10, Pencil on Wood, $100) is still available for Sale...send me a message if you are interested! 


WIDE AWAKE, the Dream Machine Artist Collective's first official showcase as a group, featured all new Artwork from each Artist in the collective. I'm honored to be a part of a collective of such incredibly talented and hardworking individuals and look forward to what we do in the future!

Photo (taken by Jacki Geary) from the Opening Reception below.


I'm pleased to announce the Opening, the Art of Life, was a great turnout... the cookies went, only a few drops of wine remained, a second piece found a home (had a sale before the show opened!), only 2 copies of books left, some sore shoulders and a very happy and full Michelle! 

Over 60 works of Art, spanning 4 years of series!

Artwork hung at Co-Merge, downtown, from November to January, 2015, my longest solo showing to date! 

The Art of Life is a visual record, snapshots from my lowest, most dark moments and nightmares (some pieces never seen) to celebrating life, self love and love of another through art as based in my last two self-published books. This is the biggest arrangement/installation of my work I've ever shown!

Books available for Sale & Preview here: 


thanks to being awarded RAW SD 2013's Visual Artist of the Year, I made a roadtrip to showcase with RAW San Francisco and sold 2 pieces and had the pleasure of meeting some incredible Artists! Thank you to Sara, glad I got to meet you before you left, for all your hardwork and making the trip easy!


the same weekend my art was represented by the students of San Diego Mesa College at this years

2014 San Diego Contemporary Art Fair

from the photos I've seen it was an incredible turnout!


Peace of Love has been chosen to be featured as a 12"x12" panel in this years

5th Annual traveling Peace Project

This exhibition was unveiled during Affair of the Arts in Culver City, CA, and will then makes stops throughout the United States. Confirmed appearances include:

September 20 & 21 -- Affair of the Arts, Culver City, CA

October 16 -- Landmark Arts Building, Chelsea, NY 

November 15 -- The Whole 9 Gallery, Culver City, CA

Additional exhibits pending throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.


...after a breather and an incredible adventurous vacation celebrating my 1 year wedding anniversary I'm back home in SD, easin into new art and for the first time part of a collective of an incredible group of artists called the Dream Machine Artist Collective!


...Chula Vista's HarborFest 2014

was a great success with gorgeous weather, a great group of Artists and beautiful families full of art appreciation!

A HUGE Thank you to the South Bayfront Artists group for inviting me to a great event, look forward to the next one! 

for more information on joining or learning more about the South Bayfront Artists Group:


...a new and different approach that has "popped up" this month is


"a community of artists, alternative gallery spaces, and art lovers who collaborate to create unique pop-up art shows" in San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco

After a week of joining ArtPin I was invited to participate in a Summer Art Show  at Bailiwick, located in the Gaslamp Area of San Diego and was chosen to be their first 

Featured Artist, check out the full interview:


Huge Thanks to Amy Granite and Pacific San Diego Magazine for using my Art to promote the Aug. 8th Immortalized Event!


... was an honor to have the first of, the music within series, be a part of ArtHatch and Distinction Gallery's 4th annual art exhibit devoted to hot rods and customs of distinction, 

IMMORTALIZED - Timeless Idols: Pinups and Pin Stripes

Artworks were auctioned off with a portion of the proceeds to Distinction's annual art scholarship donation for Palomar College students.


It was a successful month-long showing at

Caption Boutique & Gallery (East Village, SD)

One of my favorite pieces, RED, now has a new home!

To view photos of the event go to:


just awesomeness all around....

this month I was blessed to have my work at a couple different locations in and around San Diego...

Viz Art Ink Gallery in Carlsbad, CA (where I had my first West Coast Solo Show!)

98 Bottles in Little Italy, San Diego (featured with Bettinatime's She's All That')

Thumbprint Gallery's TPG2, Hillcrest, San Diego (for themed showcase, Dream States: the Art of the subconscious)


...had an absolute blast assisting with creative direction, creating the logo for and supporting my friend, entrepreneur and owner of

P.U.G. (Pop-Up Gaming) at this years E3 in Los Angeles

Thank you Harrison for believing in me and trusting PUG in my hands!

if you don't know, now ya know...stay tuned for more PUG!


According to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, only 5 percent of the art currently on display in U.S. museums is made by women. According to Guardian News & Media, only 4 percent of the Music Producers Guild are women

What an honor to be a part of the all female showcase 'She's All That'!

A huge thank you to Bettina Friedman ( for your curating efforts, embracing female empowerment in the Arts and continuing the Buy Art Campaign ( efforts started by the late Angela Sahyoun and incredible Jason Acton (



A community arts/cultural springtime event, hosted by South Bayfront Artists (, turned out to be such a beautiful day of sun, music and an incredible group of experienced Artists warm, welcoming and full of great advice for newcomers like me!

I'm also happy to announce that my piece,

"the deep breath before the plunge..." received the First Place award in the Drawing Category...


San Diego Art Institute's Museum of the Living Artist

reachin' out (below) was juried in and

on view for the month of May


Juried in by the ever hard working, Leticia Gomez Franco, to represent and celebrate Women in Art for the 3rd year in a row at,

Casa Familiar Arts & Culture Division presents


Our 2nd annual pre-Valentines show,

last chance for ...ROMANCE

 was a successful night that included more Artists, a DJ, and a bigger Raffle with donations that went to keep-a-breast

we already are flooding with ideas for next years!  

JANUARY year, new adventures...

In loving memory of Angela Sahyoun...



I was going to wait till after the new year, but i'm way to excited since receiving the first copy in the mail...

my 5th self-published book, the Art of Life, is now available for purchase!


I am extremely excited to say I've been awarded

2013 San Diego RAW Visual Artist of the Year!!




an interactive end of year art project that us san diego artists have created...



...for the 2nd year in a row, absolutely loved being a part of

Fashion Week San Diego Day 3: The Art & Beauty Behind Fashion

...commissioned to create a piece inspired by Spring/Summer Fashion 2014

thanks to designer CG Cynthia Cutierrez, Models Nikki Smith and Nicole Sully for being my inspiration!


(within, 18 x 24, Pencil & Mixed Media on Wood)


(pictured above with one of the models captured in my piece)


Art Above San Diego turned out to be an incredible night of collaboration...

Amzing job by Eighteen O Five Gallery Owner, Lauren Siry

...and a huge thank you to my mom for being our model, to have her support and experience her first west coast art show of mine! 



...a huge thank you to Amanda Coates and Home Start Inc. for having me and my Art be a part of such a wonderful event with a great cause!

       (shots of my display and working live)


...after a well needed rest & break,

after celebrating, seeing and hangin with friends, family & visitors,

after committing to mr. sparkly &

creating a cloud of Lubinessence, 

ideas are a flowing,

collaboration on the rise,

new color splashing out,

with foxy tunes 

to be my muse...


8 ~ 31 ~ 2013

I married mr. sparkly eyes, my lover, my partner, my biggest supporter, my cheerleader, the man who believes in me, my art and loves me for the artist i am, the artist i'm not, and all flaws in between...he makes creating more clear bringing peace to my every day, motivating me to be the Artist i've always wanted to be, inspiring so much of the art i've created since we've met and more to come in the near future ...

on a side note, i've had a blast creating so much of the wedding decorations and the surprise piece for my lover the day of our wedding


My first completed LIVE ART piece,

Thank you to Angela at Arte Fresca for the aweome opportunity to challenge myself...

(snowflakes, 12 x 24, Pencil, Colored Pencil, Pastel, Watercolor on Wood)

skeleton sketch (30 min.) done at home, shadow, color and detail (4 hours) done LIVE


received 3rd Place at Front Porch Gallery's 

Third Annual Juried Exhibition for 

...the deep breathe before the plunge...

(pictured between two of my juried in pieces, with the curator and friends)


a surreal night at the 52nd International Exhibition Gala & Reception

 where my piece, Pushing the Past Behind, was juried in by Daniel Foster and

the San Diego Art Institute's

 Museum of the Living Artist in Balboa Park!!


honored to be included for the 2nd year in a row and even more excited to have my piece, caught in the wanderdust, awarded Runner Up by Juors at The Front's Dia de la Mujer show,

Art of Body: Body of Art  

Please support my passion for Art by sharing my work. Click "Support" and follow the simple instructions to share with your friends on Facebook. The more support I get, the higher my chances of earning incredible prizes, grants and opportunities to take my career as an Artist to the next level. Take a moment & Support me! 

Thank You!

Some of my Art is available to purchase and/or rent through Boston based gallery, TurningArt...

this is a whole new way to experience up and coming Art & Artists...