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...healing and connecting through art...

Through Art we find beauty in flaws, self-reflection in creative expression, and deep connections through communication. Art is necessary. My contemporary, figurative portraits are freehand drawn snapshots of gestures and expressions inspired by personal experiences, on custom-built wood panels. The sometimes tedious nature of drawing against an organic surface, helps to focus and practice techniques and medium. Keeping tools raw and minimal provides an environment conducive to creating intimate portraits, reflecting durability, vulnerability and individuality.
MDFerrera Fine Art is a combination of education and practice, experience, experimentation, and risk; creating the ability for me to continue to share my perspective as a female artist. Creating is how I balance life, love, motherhood and the artists' brain. Whether I'm exhibiting my fine art, hosting workshops, or painting local murals, my hope is to inspire and share the tools that have helped me as an Artist and human.

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“...constantly adjusting to each individual grain, the cathartic process of freehand drawing intimate poses on durable wood, gives me the strength needed to let go..."