COMMUNITY SERVICE, Saturday, June 30th, 7-10pm, Visual SD (3776 30th St. San Diego, CA 92104) A Group exhibition during the 30 Block Art Night in North Park. visualshopsd


HARMONY, TBD 2019, Sparks Gallery (530 Sixth St. Gaslamp, SD 92101)


ENCHANTED FOREST ART SHOW, June 16th ~ July 15th, Haven (2515 B. St. Golden Hill, SD 92102). Neighborhood shop carrying vintage finds, locally handcrafted items and jewelry, plants, gifts, cards and more!


I am starting to host, teach and speak about  journaling through workshops at local venues around San Diego, be sure to check back for upcoming dates and locations...

HEALING: from Journal to Art is a workshop I've created that touches on daily journaling and the benefits of it as an Artist and for general mental health. We discuss tricks, tips, using recycled materials to create, and the value in seeing your voice (handwriting), using it to create a career path and healing. I encourage wearing comfy clothes, as there is a break from talking and journaling with "moga", a choreographed stretch that I've created, developed and continually practice. We then finish up the day with some free writing! Journals are included and materials to create with are also be provided.

If you have any questions about the course or would like to schedule a workshop for your group, class, or event, please send inquiries to: